Are you Hungry for More Life?

Sick and tired of going round in circles and getting nowhere fast?

Learn how to combine faith, psychology and practical tools to start creating AND living a MORE Abundant Life.

As someone who has both studied and taught psychology, I know that there is a BIG difference between having head knowledge and actually understanding it in a way that transforms you so that you can trasnform your reality.

God taught me how to integrate faith and Biblical truths with Applied psychology to create powerful shifts in my own life and those of clients that I work with and I want to show you how!

Finally Master the Junk

Most of us work really hard to achieve what we desire, so generally it's not down to how much we are doing but about WHO we are being

What we see, experience and live out is a consequence of who we are being, and we remain in this cycle if we:

  • lack of awareness of WHAT is keeping us stuck
  • aren't clear on WHY it's keeping us stuck
  • don't know HOW to move past it

Introducing The Abundant Living Sistahood

The Abundant Living Sistahood is a powerful Inner Circle community that will enable you to not only get super clear on your own personal blocks but finally understand why they're there, how they have been serving you (they're there for a reason and until you understand that it stays) and of course HOW to move beyond them so that you can start creating a life of soul-alignment.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to be part of a community of like-minded faith-centred women who will support you on your journey to living more fully and expressing who you truly are?

A Powerful 4-Step Transformation Formula

When people decide to change their life they usually start off with looking for a quick-fix solution. When this doesn't work they decide to change their behaviours and when that only takes them so far they decide to change their mindset. But here's what most people don't know... 
Mindset work ALONE won't create the type of change you desire to see! 

Spiritual Healing & Restoration

The root of all of our problems starts in the Spiritual realm, understanding how we can move into alignment with God is key to manifesting our heart's desires.

Inner Healing & Restoration

We walk around denying our feelings without understanding that we create out of our soul life. As it is said, "Beloved I wish that you would prosper and be in health just as your soul prospers"

Mental Healing & Restoration

Do your thoughts play havoc with you? What about your beliefs? By learning how to be master of your mind instead of the other way around you discover how powerful you truly are.

Physical Healing & Restoration

This doesn't merely relate to physical health but the healing and restoration of our physical reality through making sure that our behaviours are functional and  effective towards creating abundance.

It seems so simple right? Like common sense.

It may indeed be common sense but not many people are doing it because they don't know how to or they come against their own personal areas of resistance, old wounds, fears, subconscious and generational patterns and keep getting stuck.

But YOU can move beyond those​, here are some of the amazing shifts reported by clients I have worked with

My Life has changed!

This course has honestly been a significant step in changing my life. I told my friend the other day that for years I've felt stagnant and quite hopeless. But, within the past 4 weeks I feel like God has shot me like an arrow towards a target I never knew existed. I have hope in my heart that I have begun lasting changes in my life... 

But now... now I know there is a very real God reality that He longs for me to have. I've now started the process of letting go of me and receiving from Him! In just 4 weeks of pressing in I've received emotional healing and such revelation knowledge of who He is to me, relationships have been mended and my thoughts are coming more into alignment with His!!! I'm so excited for this journey, I know this is just the beginning!

Sarah B. (Abundant Living Course Student)

God's Word + You = Unstoppable

Over and over again I have witnessed just what can happen when we combine a deeper knowledge of who God is, His desires for our life, who we are and how powerfully creative we are we create space for faith to manifest results that felt out of our reach.

Are you tired of the constant striving and battling? I've been there and it made me sick, sick, sick - it burned me out, i was depressed, frustrated, angry, resentful, confused - you name it - but most of all I was scared. i tried so many things and nothing worked, I was close to breaking point when God intervened and showed me how to live more abundantly.

Maybe the enemy has convinced you that your case is different...  That's a good line that the enemy likes to attack us with, how for some reason we are the one anomaly in the world and how good things can happen to other people but not us. That's a lie that keeps us settling for a life less than abundant because it tries to extinguish our faith and take or mind off what is TRUTH!

An Opportunity you don't want to miss!

Working with Florence is life-changing! Florence has a God-given gift to help you to look inside yourself and discover what is holding you back. Her course will give you some of the tools you need to actually move forward. She has a beautiful heart. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Marian B

What you get in the Sistahood

  • Access to two of my signature courses: The Abundant Living Course & Heal, Transform, Flourish delivered over a 12-month period
  • Ongoing support through monthly group coaching calls, matched accountability partners, a private dedicated Facebook community and weekly office hours.
  • For each month you remain in the Sistahood you receive access to one of The Abundant Living Summit interviews or bonuses.
  • Additional support and teaching from specialists and experts based on the circle's areas of needs.
  • An opportunity to win monthly prizes and discounts such as 1:1 sessions, essential oil products and more

Not only is the Sistahood packed with so much value it also offers an approach that will allow  you to thrive in all areas of your life simply by making YOU the focus!

Introductory Offer

The usual price for the Abundant Living Sistahood will normally be £77 a month but you can get in now for £38.50 for the first two months.

Don't just take my word for it...

Here is what some past clients have to say after working with me...  

I am healthy, Praise God!

Yes, I have loved working work Florence! In the past she helped me get through feeling like I was always sick and challenged me to start doing where I was at. Now I’m in a much better place mentally which has led to a much better place physically and I want to let room in my life to start living more abundantly.

2017 Update: Well I just want to celebrate how far I have come. I am healthy Praise God. For me it is a mind shift,  I'm just a normal person who occasionally experiences some symptoms not a sick person whose whole life revolves around limitations of my illness. ... Last week I heard the Lord say dream big ask me for bigger stuff" so I dared to asked for big things...

Jillian S.

I’m amazed by the visionary insights and gifts in her

I have just got off the phone with Florence and I’m amazed by the visionary insights and gifts in her. She has lots to share and guide us with, in terms of aligning our businesses and future ministerial endeavours with His divine intentions. I strongly believe that her program is a Divine download not to be overlooked. She has shone a lot of light onto things I had not recognised as crucial to gaining all and not part of the success that lays ahead. This may also benefit those who are non-Christians as Florence is very intuitive. 

Sandy C.

This turning point is like a conversion experience

Achama, I just want to tell you how much you inspire and encourage me. Reading your words gives me such strength and self-belief that I can leave the trappings of my past behind me and walk into the light. This turning point in my life is like a conversion experience – going deeper into who God is and who He made me to be and it is so exciting I want to shout it from the rooftops! I thank you for bringing me out into the open, where you are offering a safe environment for expression. I am reaping the benefits and feeling less isolated. You are making an incredible impact.

Kay A.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much faith content is included?

I'm quite a busy person,  how will this work for me?

I'm an entrepreneur how can this help me?

What if I have worked with you before or already own/have done something?

See the Difference in just 2 months

I am so excited to go on this joyrney with you. If you are a woman who believes that there has to be MORE but you're just not sure how to move from where you are to where your heart yearns to be then this course if for you. No fluff, it's all about you, your journey, your relationship with God and getting the tools and insight to help you bust through those blocks and barriers with grace and ease.

What are you waiting for? I'll see you on the other side xxx