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4 Steps to ALS Success

Step 1: Enter to Win a Giveaway Prize

We still have some amazing Giveaway Prizes up for grabs, and this is a great way to CHALLENGE your mindset around winning and losing. You can't win if you don't take part right?

So step up to the table, it's so simple to do and you can be in with a chance to win something that will really help you take everything you have learnt here to a deeper level.

Are you with me? Great - go here to enter to win a prize.

Step 2: Purchase your Summit Package before it Goes Away

The summit is coming to an end so, after Wednesday the 26th of April - our 3 amazing packages will come to an end as they currently are . That means they'll be repackaged and prices will go up.

Until then you can own all 22 sessions PLUS the amazing Summit Bundle containing 5 carefully selected ebooks, and ecourses focused on each of the 5 areas of the summit from just £47.

This price WON'T last past Wednesday - so if you want to listen to the sessions again PLUS get all these extra bonuses - get your package today.

What's inside the Packages?

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  • Own ALL 20+ interviews in this unique one of a kind series.
  • Exclusive SUMMIT Bundle containing a range of ebooks, devos and ecourses 
  • My 4-week Abundant Living Ecourse (selected packages only)
  • The opportunity to CHANGE LIVES. Your purchase will NOT ONLY help us keep sowing into lives PLUS a portion of income through sales will go to Water Aid, a Global Water charity aimed at bringing life-nurturing clean sustainable water and sanitation to some of the poorest communities around the world.

Step 3: Stay Connected with Me

By now you know I'm really into helping us all live that more abundant life that God has promised us.

Whilst I have lots planned for 2017, who knows what else God has got up His sleeve. So I invite you to stay connected with me. If you haven't yet, join the She Flourishes Facebook Community or Like my Facebook Page to stay connected, encouraged, inspired and receive updates.

Step 4: Listen to the Replays

It's why you're here - so enjoy all the 22 sessions gain for the next 24 hours. But remember if you want to listen to them after today, purchase your package now before they are repackaged come Wednesday.