Summit Schedule

For 5 days you will receive free access to inspiring interviews that will grow you in one of 5 fundamental key areas necessary for living a more abundant life. Each interview is jam-packed with great value content plus in addition, receive complimentary free gifts just for registering for the summit.

If that wasn't enough, grab multiple chances to win invaluable prizes such as good old hold in your hand books and gifts, tickets to live events, membership circle access, ecourses and 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions by sharing the summit with others.

Day 1: Spiritual Growth and Faith Formation for Abundant Living

Florence Achama Ukpabi

3 Forgotten keys to living a naturally, supernatural Life

Audra Coats-Hudson

3 ways we Forfeit our Purpose and what to do about it instead

Amy Layne Litzelman

Living Life from God's Perspective & not getting bogged down by emotions and circumstance

Naomi Aidoo

The Father's Heart - Living Life to the Full

Day 2: Inner healing and Emotional well-being for Abundant Living

Rebecca Hart

Controlling others on Accident - why we control and how to let go

Sandy Bastien

Renewed in the Father's Love - why God's Love is foundational to all healing

Joanna Oliver

Growing free from Shackles - how to move into soulful liberation

Oby Bamidele

Dealing with your "OUCH!" factor - How to process emotional pain

Day 3: Applied Mindset and Personal Growth for Abundant Living

Coach Kemi

Success is BOTH a Practical and Intentional Process of the Mind

Vanessa Ferreira

3 Steps to creating an Abundant Mindset

Mary Whitman Ortiz

"I won't sweep God's gift under the rug" - embracing Godly sexual intimacy

Justina Ford

Mindset, Messaging and Divine Business Success + Bonus mini EFT session!

Day 4: Body Image and Physical Health for Abundant Living

Brianna Wilkerson

Restoring your relationship with food, your body and yourself

Kara Yarger

Dispelling Common Myths to Pave Your Journey to Health and Healing

Melissa Fragomeni

Body Image in Modern Times and Redefining it to God's Image

Olubunmi Banwo

Comparison as a block for living in our inheritance of Divine Health

Sharice Styles

Your Purpose has a Look and WHY that's more powerful than you realise

Day 5: Unlocking Purpose and Potential for Abundant Living

Patricia Benjamin

The Relationship between Purpose and experiencing Life to the Full

Shi Chen

Stop Trying to "Discover" your Purpose (and What to do Instead)

Allie Davis

Live With Purpose and Maximize Your Potential Through Faith in Action

Brenda Tsiaousis

How to tap into your inner Brilliance and harness your “Unstoppable Force”

Me again!

Insight as a Powerful tool for Unlocking your God-Potential

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