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But it doesn't have to be that way. I know that you've probably been scribbling down notes like a mad woman and your arm is feeling the brunt of it, but I've got your back. You don't have to choose between skipping through the interviews and getting on with your life.

So don't stress it. There's a solution for you.

BUT... only continue reading if...

You are READY to take faith-inspired action. It's one thing to say it, but ACTION speaks louder than words and hey, faith without works is dead! You are NOT going to settle for less any more and owning this summit is your way of saying yes to a more abundant future, God style.

  • Say YES! if you're a faith-centred woman and you don't want to settle any more
  • Say YES! Because even though it feels scary and you have no idea how, God has planted a dream in your heart
  • Say YES! Because you KNOW you are worthy and deserving of a life that feels abundant
  • Say YES! Because you have a BIG God who makes the impossible possible and you are wiling to jump on board.

What's Included

There are 3 packages: the BelieverOvercomer and Victor packages (aka Silver, Gold and Platinum - because we don't do bronze here ;) )

All 20+ Audio Session

Own all 22 audio interviews and sessions as downloadable files

- Believer, Overcomer and Victor packages

Summit Bundle

An exclusive  collection of ebooks plus a mini ecourse just to say thank you

- Believer, Overcomer and Victor packages

Abundant Living Ecourse

A powerful 4-week ecourse  that follows on from this summit 

- Overcomer (self-study only) and Victor packages

What's in the Summit Bundle?

Great question.

The Summit bundle is a collection of fantastic e-books, an e-course and mini meditation series (valued at $80)

  1. Heal your Heart, Heal your Life  - written by myself 
    Learn how to use your emotions and thoughts to heal all areas of your life spirit, soul and body.
  2. Reinvent Your Life, One New Chapter at a Time - Serena Low
    10 Inspirational stories of transforming your life even through adversity - learn how to create a new chapter in your life.
  3. Journalling4Faith Ebook  -  Kathy Bishop Bonarth
    Journaling can give you clarity to grow in your faith and grow closer to God. It’s powerful tool — one that is simple to learn to use.
  4. Create a Self Love Plan that Works! Mini ecourse - Selina Almodovar
    A 30 minute training session around emotional well-being and self-care. Also includes training notes, accompanying pdf workbook with takeaway action steps
  5. The Secret Place Mini Meditation Series
    A 5-day meditation based on Psalm 91 to help you experience increased peace, well-being and trust in God. Includes an audio meditation and journaling space.

Please note that all purchases are PRE-ORDERS - you will receive your official order by email on the 23rd of April 2017

The value of ALL of this is nearly £300

But hold on there's more...

The Abundant Living Ecourse

The Abundant Living ecourse is a powerful 4 week course that will help you identify and tackle negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and strongholds preventing you from living an enriched, abundant and victorious life. 

There are 4 life transforming lessons which integrate scriptural truth, psychological principles and applied wisdom to help you believe in more and start creating the life you deeply desire.

I will share how to make room for more of what you want in your life and/or business and less of what you don't. Plus learn tips and strategies to experience greater well-being, joy, clarity and purpose along the way.

The course is available in TWO modes:
- Self-study - receive all training material instantly (4 audio lessons, 4 pdf workbooks, 4 pre-recorded FB live sessions) in a downloadable zip file and work your way through it at your own pace. (Valued at £100)
- Live study - Journey alongside me and a group of other women live over 4 weeks with weekly Q&A support, private Facebook Sistahood and exclusive bonuses. (Limited spaces, first come only - Starts second week of May 2017) (Valued at £300)

The Self-study Mode is part of the Overcomer Package and the Live Study mode is part of the Victor package.

What Past Mentees Say

My Life has changed!

This course has honestly been a significant step in changing my life. I told my friend the other day that for years I've felt stagnant and quite hopeless. But, within the past 4 weeks I feel like God has shot me like an arrow towards a target I never knew existed. I have hope in my heart that I have begun lasting changes in my life... 

But now... now I know there is a very real God reality that He longs for me to have. I've now started the process of letting go of me and receiving from Him! In just 4 weeks of pressing in I've received emotional healing and such revelation knowledge of who He is to me, relationships have been mended and my thoughts are coming more into alignment with His!!! I'm so excited for this journey, I know this is just the beginning!

Sarah B.

Course Feedback

I really did gain a unique perspective on abundance!

This course is great for people who are stuck or frustrated with where they are now.

I loved how this course caused me to slow down and really pay attention to where I am in my mindset.

I have gained a closer relationship with God and I received practical tools to help me deal with emotions. I actually really loved the material, it helped you go deeper into what was being talked about that week!

Very delighted! Beyond what I could have imagined

Various quotes from past mentees

Column 1

Sabrina P's testimonial for The Abundant Living Course

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All 20+ Audio Sessions

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EXCLUSIVE Summit Bundle

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All 20+ Audio Sessions

EXCLUSIVE Summit Bundle

The Abundant Living Course

  • Self-Study version (valued at £100)


Approx $109


All 20+ Audio Sessions

EXCLUSIVE Summit Bundle

The Abundant Living Course

  • LIVE 4-week version with extra bonuses (£300)

1 month Access to The Abundant Living Sistahood



Approx $171

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