Day 5: Unlocking your Purpose and Potential

Day 5 is the culmination of our journey into living more abundantly, it is the essence of who we  and why we are here and how to step boldly into that space.

The Relationship between Purpose and Life to the Full

Known in the UK and abroad for her transformational events for women to tap into their 'Fabulousness', in this interview Patricia shares on power of living a life On Purpose. The whole reason we are here is to fulfill what we were ordained to do before time began. God has an eternal Destiny for us all and when we discover it and live it out, this is when we really walk deep in purpose and become truly ALIVE. It's what we were made for.

Stop trying to "Discover" your Purpose!

Wondering what your purpose is? Its simply to love God and to love people. But sometimes we forget, get confused, or get tripped up with the HOW to discover our purpose. In this interview, we talk about a different way to find your purpose — by identifying your core values so we can empower ourselves to make choices to lead an intentional and more abundant life.

Live with Purpose and Maximise your Potential

This interview will empower you to up-level your mindset by overcoming fear of failure and gaining confidence and courage to take action so that you can move from where you are now into your potential. Additionally this interview will help you learn to be decisive and focus on your next steps so you can consistently move forward in your purpose so you can honor God by maximizing your impact (and for those pursuing purpose-driven businesses, your income as well.)

Tap into your "Inner Brilliance", Harness your Unstoppable Force

This interview with Potentialist, NLP and Emotional Intelligence coach Brenda Tsiaousis is for the woman who is ready to transform their life and make an impact in the world. In this session Brenda explains the concepts of Inner Brilliance and Unstoppable Force and how you can tap into these with intention and hope to live a full life. Listen as Brenda shares her own story of discovering her unique essence and inner shifts that had to take place in order for her to walk in her truth. Discover strategies and tips to support you in putting on the Mind of Christ and not letting fear stop you from embracing your Esther Season.

Insight as a Powerful Tool for Unlocking your God Potential

In this final talk of the summit Florence explores the concept of  "God-Potential". The Bible reveals certain things that block our God-Potential but it also reveals how to unlock it and  start creating the abundant reality that we desire. Join Florence as she helps you peel back the layers, explore your beliefs and how they are manifesting in your current reality. Discover how insight can be used as a powerful tool for transforming your physical reality and living the life that you truly desire.