Day 3: Applied Mindset and Personal Growth

Day 3 is all about our thought life, our thoughts will determine the choices we make and ultimately the path we take. Discover how you can use your thoughts to create abundance in different areas of your life.

Success is BOTH a Practical and Intentional Process of the Mind

In this powerful interview, Coach Kemi reveals how you can use your thoughts to support your success. You will learn the difference between your mindset and your thought-set and why this distinction matters. You will also learn how to think BY faith and get the results you desire in a very simple yet profound and effective way.  Be prepared to live with insight that will literally change the way you think about thinking!

Embracing Godly Sexual Intimacy

Mary left 26 years of sexual dysfunction and co-laboured with the Father to re-store and re-create her identity in Him, as His beautiful and chosen daughter. In this interview Mary shares how to quit making excuses for others and tolerating their dishonouring behaviour, choose to become a student of yourself, full of acceptance and assertiveness, and take a risk on loving again, at the deepest level of connection.

3 Steps to creating an Abundant Mindset

In this interview, Biblical wealth mentor Vanessa Ferreira will share 3 powerful insights to help you renew your mindset around money and wealth. Using her 3-step framework, Vanessa teaches you how to apply Biblical truth in practical ways that bring deep transformation and external results. She will also share with you how to create a God-vision of abundance, which is not only about money but embracing the truth that God has placed in your heart. 

Mindset, Messaging and Divine Business Success

In this interview Justina addresses the internal messaging of “not enough” and how failure to get to the root of those internal messages has a direct effect on our external marketing in business. Marketing is messaging and when we are operating passion-based businesses our mindsets directly affect the clients we attract.  PLUS Justina walks you through a mini EFT session where you will learn some energy-based practices that you can use to shift beliefs, lies and vows that you’ve made to keep you from playing big in your God-given business.