Day 4: Body Image, Health and Healing

Day 4 addresses the importance of our physical presence in living a more abundant life. Learn how the way you think about, treat and even express yourself can have a huge impact on living the full life that God desires you to live.

Restoring your relationship with Food, your Body and your Self

Brianna's talk focuses on finding victory in your health by restoring your relationship with food, your body and yourself. During the interview, she shares about her own personal journey in working on her mindset in these areas to find freedom and victory. Using scripture and the truth of God, she dives deep into sharing how you too can finally overcome the cycle of defeat and find victory in your health through shifts in your mindset and with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Dispelling Common Myths to Pave your way to Healing

Kara is a Holistic Health Coach for women with a background in medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has seen first hand how dramatically nutrition and lifestyle affect a person’s health, negatively or positively. In this interview, Kara dispels common myths about health and wellness that often hold people back from reaching their goals and desires along their health journey. She also shares helpful tips for embracing health as a lifestyle and journey, and how to direct your mindset in a positive direction to increase your chances of success!

Redefining Modern-day Body Image to God's Image

We are constantly surrounded by media and we feel like we don’t measure up because our bodies aren’t perfect or because we have personality traits that don’t make us interesting enough. We are bombarded by these images and reminded that we need to work on us before we can live an abundant life. Through it all, we forget who we are and WHOSE we are as we attempted to define ourselves by the standards of modern society. This talk will guide you to bring the conversation back to God, and apply the truths about us in everyday life using practical tips you can easily implement. Only then can we truly open ourselves up to the abundance and blessings our God has for us

Comparison as a Block for living in Divine Health

Do you often find yourself comparing your body to other women, maybe you are comparing your health or weight-loss journey with others and find yourself lacking? Comparison is a thief of time and destiny yet it's something we are actively taught to do in order to fit in or excel.  This negatively impacts our body, spirit and mind and if left unchecked our lives. In this interview Bunmi shares  her own story of letting go of comparison and how you can do the same so that you can embrace the full health and life God has for you.

Your Purpose has a Look!

I believe if you still have a pulse you still have a purpose and that purpose has a look. God created us to serve a certain community with our gifts and talents, and they will visually connect to our "look". So it's important that we align our image with the purpose God gave us to attract, serve, and live an abundant life. In this informative and eye-opening interview with Sharice you will not only discover the importance of your look but it's spiritual significance in living a more abundant life.