Day 2: Inner Healing and Emotional Well-being

Day 2 is all about our emotional life, God desires us to experience health, well-being and wholeness in all areas of life. Our external world will prosper to the extent that our soul prospers, therefore we should all pursue healing and restoration in this area.

Controlling others on Accident

Most of us suffer from some degree of "controlling others on accident". This can lead to feeling disconnected and longing for more peace in our relationships or tired from our efforts to help others. How often do you find yourself thinking, "I had to" or, "he makes me feel"? Rebecca helps you discover some ways you can start thinking differently to connect more deeply or increase peace in your relationships today.

Renewed in the Father's Love

Love is foundational to becoming everything we were created to be. However, many of us have spent a life time without ever experiencing what true love is. In this talk, Sandy illustrates the importance of being renewed in God's LOVE in order live out our true identity as one created in the image of God. To be renewed in God's love we must unlearn loving others at the expense of self, and love self as we love our neighbour. We must get back to biblical self-love.

Growing Free from Shackles

Growing Free From Shackles is a personal and professional growth process, centred around the SHACKLES acronym and intended to guide people through some of the components of developing an abundant mindset and heart-flow. In this session, we discuss the process of Growing Free From Shackles and explore some of the reasons why and how a mindset of liberation can contribute to abundant living.

Dealing with your "OUCH!" Factor

Through my own self-awareness journey, I came up with a term I now use with my clients called “the Ouch Factor”. The simplest way to describe it is: a feelings of shame, hurt, embarrassment or “I just want to crawl under a rock and hide”. Basically, feelings we experience when we think about memories we’d rather not recall because they bring up raw unresolved emotions that still make us go “ouch”.